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One MUST HAVE feature update/modification, and three on my wish list...

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One MUST HAVE feature update/modification, and three on my wish list... Empty One MUST HAVE feature update/modification, and three on my wish list...

Post by richaardvark Fri Jul 09, 2021 9:36 pm

Hello OurJukebox Team!

I've been meaning to write this review/reach out to you for many months now to thank you for making this wonderful Alexa skill/app. I have been running OurJukebox since not long after it first appeared in the Alexa Skills Store and have been overall very happy with how well it works! I found installation/setup very simple and fast. I love this program! There is however one current feature you have implemented that I feel is absolutely unnecessary and which unfortunately really ruins the overall OurJukebox experience - I truly hope this review is seen by your team and that you take my concern into consideration and release an update to address. Please?????!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

The issue: it is extremely annoying/unnecessary/frankly unpolished and unprofessional that every time a track/album/playlist etc. finishes playing there is an EXTREMELY LOUD audio notification: "The selected music has finished. Please ask OurJukebox to play something else."

... 🙉😑

This "feature"/audio alert is absolutely unnecessary and frankly unbearable and just ruins the whole experience of using OurJukebox for me. Sad We know the music is finished... that's what happens when you play a song... it plays, and then it finishes... why do I need to loudly be told this every single time music is finished playing? This absolutely ruins the whole experience and causes me to dread listening to whatever song I am listening to because the entire time I am playing a song I find myself not being able to actually relax and enjoy my music, but instead I'm listening and waiting the entire time for the end of the song so I can catch OurJukebox and stop the end of the song before that wretched audio message is played. It ruins everything for me. Sad I can't/won't use OurJukebox to play music in front of friends or if I'm hosting a gathering or social function/party because of this. Could you imagine having a little dance party or music listening party with friends and then every time a song finishes playing hearing this jarring and loud audio message? It's truly awful and unnecessary. Could you ever imagine this happening when a song finishes playing for someone using iTunes or Spotify? Absolutely not! It's truly awful. Please enable some way to turn this feature off in the app/skill settings. Please please please??? 🙏🏻

I have tried to look through the coding of your server client application to find where this event takes place to remove it but believe it must be coded into the actual Alexa skill itself and don't think there is any way for me to disable it. Sad

That is my one major issue/gripe with using OurJukebox - everything else is wonderful!

I do have three other feature requests/desires that I would absolutely love to see implemented but which I can live without if I must for now:

Request 1:
Please enable some way to allow for music playback outside of my local network. If I am in my car using Alexa through my phone over Bluetooth I would really like to be able to listen to my music but sadly there is currently only silence when Alexa says she will play my music using OurJukebox. A similar Alexa music skill, My Media for Alexa, allows for this functionality and implements it via two available routes/options in that skill's settings:

- via port forwarding - the user has to open/enable a couple of local ports in their router settings to allow the music to be externally streamed/accessible.

- via a PUSH service and pushing the music to a third-party/external server (I don't think this option would be viable for OurJukebox because this would require effort and financial resources by the OurJukebox team to host and run and manage a standalone server somewhere.

Perhaps there are other ways to make this happen. For example, I am able to play my own music files outside of my home/in my car using the also similar MyPod Alexa music skill/app, but this is probably easier to make happen in that skill as the source of the media is entirely cloud based and not in a local network as it is with OurJukebox.

Request 2:
I really wish I could play audio from FLAC and even MP4 files. My Media for Alexa allows for this to happen by implementing the popular ffmpeg tool/script on the back-end to trans-code other media file types like this and make them playable. It shouldn't be hard for this script to be bundled in with your current client server script/application, or for there to be a way in the command line settings for a user to point to a local installation of ffmpeg and enable this option.

Request 3:
Please update/modify your command console settings script so that when a menu option has been executed it returns the user back to the main options menu and doesn't just exit/end the entire script each time. Not a big deal, but it is somewhat annoying to have to go back into the menu from the beginning each time I need to choose more than one option during setup in your current settings/configuration script menu layout.

Thank you so very much for making this wonderful skill!!! Smile


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